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In Silence, The Decision

Hoosier Noir Volume 4, December '21

100 Word Story, January '20

Flash fiction in exactly 100 words.

Brown Bear
Terse Literary Magazine, May '19
A young girl witnesses the drowning of a refugee, calling into question the values of her community. 

The Magician Invents Fire

The Molotov Cocktail, Flash Hero Prize Issue, 2017

"You insisted you could keep us warm. You told me you could invent fire, if I'd only have a little faith in you."

The Kumari
Fiction on the Web, April '18

"Adesha's family take her to Kathmandu to see if she will be selected as the divine vessel, in Bailey Bridgewater's fascinating insight into a lesser known Nepalese ritual." - Charlie Fish

The Contents

The Eunoia ReviewMarch 2018

Amidst the ruins of his city, old Mr. Beauchamp emerges, dragging his mysterious black box to the city square.

"An amazing piece of writing." -ksbeth

The Risk of Death by Suffocation

As You Were, Military Experience and the Arts, Nov '17

Kingston, a Korean War veteran, must take action when his deceased wife delivers an important message. 

"A poignant little story of consequences." -Maryah C.

Death and Dying in America

Crack the Spine, Issue 231

"He took his coffee cup back inside, anxious to reassure his two year old daughter that everything was ok, that the fire wouldn't come inside, that everything was safe as houses."

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The Esthetic Apostle, Summer 2018

"She chided herself for being paranoid, but it was getting dark and she hadn't seen anyone else on the mine trails.  She stretched her legs to stall for time."

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The Congregation

Treehouse, August 2018