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Select Travel Publications

-Dani Bailey. 'To Trek with a Group or Solo in the Himalayas?' Inside Himalayas. May 2017.

-Dani Bailey. 'Respecting Annapurna and its History.' Inside Himalayas. August 2017.  (Click the cover  to read.)

-Dani Bailey. 'How to Train for Trekking.' Inside Himalayas. May 2017.

-Dani Bailey. 'How to Stay in Norway on a Budget.  Pink Pangea. November 2016. (Click the image of Norway to read.)

-Dani Bailey. Various Trail-Race Reviews.

-Dani Bailey. 'A View for the Apocalypse: A Visit to Central, Pennsylvania.'  Medium. November 2016. (Click the creepy bathtub to read.)

*Magazine cover is property of Inside Himalayas Magazine. Other images are the author's own.

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