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Taking the grants show on the road

In November, 2021, I made a move that a lot of people would probably consider radical. I quit my stressful but secure university job, sold my cute home, sold or gave away everything but the essentials, and booked a series of AirBnBs up and down the East Coast. After nearly 15 years working traditional university jobs, I was tired of living on someone else's schedule. I had already found success in writing grants, and so I took the plunge and made that my primary source of income.

Though people act surprised by such a move (I get a lot of whispered "I wish I could to that too!" responses), the truth is that a lot of people are doing it - giving up traditional office-based jobs to become "digital nomads." There are as many motivations behind it as there are people doing it, but the end goal tends to be the same - more freedom. Some people who do it call themselves "freelancers," others "contractors," "small business owners," or "entrepreneurs." Some move internationally, some within their own country, and some within their own region. Some live in RVs, in hotels, in other people's homes, in long-term or short term apartments, hostels, or vans. Some rent workspaces, join a co-work establishment, or work solo from their living space. Some move once a year, some once a month, some nearly every day. Regardless of how it's done, it's a journey, and mine has just started.

This blog will document my transition from full time desk-jockey to a life living with only what fits in my car, moving around the United States with my senior dog, Harley. I'll cover a variety of topics as they come up - everything from what grant writers actually do to the inconveniences of having a socially anxious dog. If you're someone who'd like to pick up a try the nomadic life, maybe this will inspire you. If you're already doing it, maybe you can find some practical tips. If you think it's the craziest thing you ever heard, well maybe I can persuade you otherwise. And if you just like pictures of cool places, I can probably supply that too.

I'm glad you're here.


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